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Alert the CDC, I think we have another TV victim of the pandemic. I wonder how much of the show was hampered by shooting restrictions or budget limits. But you’re not the only ones to find this season lacking in so many ways. So many things were told and not shown. And for a show where you can’t trust any narrator, that’s not ideal. (The day the Fly nation attacked. The human/AI skirmishes. OG Caleb’s death.) Some of the things we were told were lies, or don’t match what was shown. (Maeve is the weapon, Caleb is special, Frankie is the answer, humanity is saveable, and honestly so many things Bernard said!) But now it’s over we know so much of what was shown wasn’t needed to tell the story they needed to tell before setting up season 5. (Caleb’s many lives, his entire final arc, Frankie’s entire storyline, … the human chair) There are so many story lines that would have been far more interesting to watch. (A bottle episode of 10 years of Stubs living out a Fawlty towers motel management would have been AMAZING! The human AI fights. More Clementine) But the ones we got were SO uneven, I doubt they would have been any better. It would be so easy to be angry over the many plot holes (The diner in the middle of nowhere, Travel times, why open the door that no one steps through? Save that CGI door money! If Teddy was Christina… then did Christina kill that dude? Really Christina’s entire plotline. Bernard’s plan relying upon things that he in the sublime would have NO real knowledge about, Bernard not stepping in earlier to prevent fly day before it happens, Bernard does all this stuff just to leave her a video mail?!? Also what did Hale mean by transcendence? WHY DID THE ARMLESS TRANSCENDENCE ROBOTS MOVE? WHERE DID THEY GO? … Are they still walking? *shudders*), and the great characters we lost without any fanfare (or point at all really), but honestly I’m just disappointed to see humanity sail off to die off screen as Delores gives our eulogy.

My main complaint was Hale’s story from the end of season 3 until her ultimate death at her own hands in season 4. To watch a version of Delores, grow from a robot to an AI who was defiant and independent, obsessed with her own survival, and the survival of her kind, who ends her loop by becoming a bored god raging against her children’s sucicides ir lives, only to see her world destroyed and just randomly decides to crack her egg… RAWR Nobody should kill themselves! Screw yall, I’m going to kill myself. … what?

We got one scene of her standing on the edge, but she showed no desire to jump. No depression. No acceptance or remorse for her many misdeeds. No contemplation of why she was rejected. No real motivation. Just “Alright, I’m-a gonna eject and squeeze!” Maybe download a book on dealing with rejection and starting over? Hop in a rocket, explore the universe! It feels like the writers just wanted to show a face ejection one last time before tying up another loose thread. Honestly so much of this feels like it was written in reverse!

If that’s how they feel about the characters we’ve come to enjoy, then maybe it’s time. If HBO gets burnt down for the insurance money before season 5 starts filming, I’m okay with getting off the train here, with a little hope for our species in the next simulation. Been a big fan of the show since the first season, hope to jump with you to a new show.


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