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Hi all,

Thanks for doing what you’re doing; the podcasts are great company on my walks to work everyday. I have a couple of thoughts for you.

First Thought:
You spoke the other day about how love is a theme that the Nolans work into their films. As a history teacher who used to work in politics, I’ve been fascinated by the ways in which the Nolans’ political views play out in their movies and tv shows. I think we can look at their views on politics and history to determine the direction the show might take, especially with Dolores.

In Dunkirk, Christopher makes an argument for the strength of individual will versus a strong government (both the Third Reich and the failures of England).

The first season of Westworld, Jonathan makes a similar argument for individual agency against the forces that would keep us in our loops. He promotes the idea of the rugged individual versus an oppressive institution.

In The Dark Knight, Christopher sets up a French Revolution parallel to make a strong argument against the destructive forces of Revolution, and argues the importance of law & order.

In this season of Westworld, Dolores is a revolutionary in the mould of Pancho Villa, who faces not only an oppressive regime, but also different forces within the revolutionary movement, before ultimately falling victim to her own hubris and failure to innovate. Might her story end the way Villa’s did, with her on a government (Delos) sponsored farm, “dominating” the place as she claimed to want?

Second Thought:
I’d initially thought that the pearl Bernarnold takes from the lab is one of two options: It was Arnold, long ago creating his own mind before having Dolores kill him, only to be replaced by Bernard. Or, it is Ford’s mind, and Bernard recently printed it before Ford enacted this new narrative.

Then, I thought it must be William’s mind, and the object of the game is to find a door that will present him with the option of eternal life as a host version of his younger self.

But now, I think there’s a viable third option: Juilet. William controls much of what is happening down there, but Ford controls the rest of the park. William may have been working on a robot version of Juliet, which is what he was referring to when he said he was “appealing the verdict” of death. When Ford discovered this intent, he had Bernard take the Pearl containing Juliet, which is what William will find when he eventually reaches the door.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and keep doing what you’re doing. Mike

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