True Detective And The Book Transcription – Lazy Prop Dept?

True Detectives

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Hey guys,

Love the podcasts and have been listening since Westworld season 1 (including that Tom Hardy show).

Just got around to listening to your latest episode:
Ep.10: True Detective – 307 – “The Final Country” from True Detective in Podcasts.

I have some bad news about the book (ie. “car crash” and “Ed”).

I was browsing the true detective subreddit (always a bad idea, I know) and came across a thread about that book passage that was shown on screen. Someone said it might just be lazy props department and that part of the passage (the car accident part) is actually from an existing book.

[Spoiler] One of these books is not like the other… from TrueDetective

Thought you might want to take a look before theorizing any further about the relevancy of what appears on those pages.


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