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Hi Shat Crew!

First-time writer, Listener from season 1!

I am disappointed. My show has been stolen.

Season 1 and 2’s greatness have faded into the sublime, and we are left with this pile of confusion of a plot hole. There is so much left on the table and not explored to me.

1. I hope I am not alone. This final episode made zero sense in the lead-up to episodes 3 and 4. Why were we shown a whole thriving town where Clementine visited? Why was there any character development for Stubbs? Why was Maeve the weapon, only to shoot blanks?

2. This was not the Man in Black. This was Discount Don’s version of the Man in Black. Why would writers have Hale keep the Man in Black alive and only killed by his Walmart version? Ed Harris was robbed of his real redemption story. He should have been the one to kill Discount MiB, and Hall should have been destroyed in the tower. From Season 3 and 4, I felt William was on the path to redeeming himself, humanity, and the Hosts.

2a. Don’t get me started on the super suit for Hale! PLOT ARMOR!

3. Caleb’s development hit an all-time high, and he finally got to be with his daughter. The writers left us without a clear answer to what made him different. Now the setup with Christina’s world makes zero sense for the outliers. Why were they even part of the story?

4. Christina’s world is pointless to the growth of human society. If humans are meant to redeem themselves, why would they allow it to be in the sublime? This is just a theory for season 5: are we to imagine Delos finally fixed the flaws in bringing humans back? Does Christina allow that to happen for some magical reason? Are we expecting to see her sitting with each human scanned by the park and Hale having a fidelity test?

5. Finally, without Jeffery Wright, who will carry the show? Who will be the star the show leans on?

In conclusion, I felt I was experiencing the ending to LOST. The writers are no longer interested in the show or are full of themselves. I’ll never get every answer to the plot, and I will have to live in sadness and depression since finding West World. Thank West World for giving me another reason to dislike shows I get fully invested in.

I love the pod! I will miss you if this is the end.


Giuseppe Cucci

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