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Hi guys,
I have been enjoying your podcasts so much this season, and the twitch parties are an added bonus when I can tune in. (I’m old, you all are sometimes up past my bedtime). After last nights deep dive, I was giving my daughter the crib notes for the last episode. She doesn’t watch the show as fervently as I do, but she likes to hear the highlights. I was explaining how Charloris and her ‘family’ were blown up in the car bombing (sidenote – was it a car bomb or a incendiary projectile?) and I compared it to the Terminator movie when Arnie stands up and all that is left is the metal skeleton.

That pinged a thought. First, the scenes where Dolores is pulling on human hands over her metal skeleton have yet to occur. Does Caleb use an original Delos build a robot machine to give her a body after the fight with Maeve? Will that be where the final episode ends? Second, the opening sequence shows the hawk being stripped down to it’s metal frame and the host sinking into the water as it’s face opens to reveal the metal skull. Plus the season’s poster shows a metal skeleton rising out of the sand. This could be advertising shorthand for “this is a show about machines that look human” or it could be an allusion to something the season is moving toward. Up until now the hosts are still ‘passing’ as human. Working within the constraints of human society albeit faster, stronger, and processing information at computer speed. So what would an AI want? After you strip away the artifice of humanness, what does Dolores or any host really want? Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep? Surviving might be Dolores’ talent, but it’s not a goal. World domination. A corner of the planet for hosts to live apart from humans, really not likely. A theme park where hosts beat the crap out of humans? Now I’m rambling.
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2 Responses

  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    Thank you so much for the email, and we hope you keep joining us on Twitch 🙂

  2. Ashley Schlafly says:

    The Terminator comparisons are spot on, I think.

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