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Just a few thoughts/questions after watching episode 305 for a second time. Maybe better thinkers than I can figure them out. 1. When did Rehoboam come into being? At the beginning, Serac and Dempsey are talking and Dempsey says there’ve been so many iterations and asks Serac what this one’s name is. Serac responds, “Solomon”. So, at what point did Rehoboam get created? Not sure if it’s important, but it seems like a detail that was there for a reason. Did I miss when this was answered in the episode? 2. On the bus/train, when all the people get their profiles, why does no one have anything positive? Does anyone’s life not end in violence or suicide? All the ones I looked at said the person will die in 5-8 years. Is that time frame significant? If Rehoboam is so powerful, why can’t it create a world where all the depression and anxiety don’t exist? Why would it put people on loops with such awful outcomes? Quite a reflection of the hosts in Westworld. 3. Are the concentric circles we see when Serac is viewing the incidents showing there are simulations within the simulations? Which level of the simulation are we watching? Are we watching just one or more than one? Kind of like different timelines in past seasons but on a different level. 4. Finally, if you have not been watching the FX/Hulu show “Devs”, you really should. Interesting parallels, beautifully filmed, lots of intriguing concepts. Th final episode of 8 comes out this week. It’s written and directed by Alex Garland of Ex Machina and Annihilation. From what I understand he doesn’t do sequels, so it should all wrap up in the 8 episodes, but being TV, maybe not. No one is doing a podcast on it that I can find but it’s being discussed on Redit quite a bit. I would love to hear your takes on it.

Thanks for all your time and effort you put into this and Shat on the Movies – I love them both! You all never cease to help me understand what’s going on and I appreciate all your different viewpoints. Take care and stay at home.

Krista from California

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    That’s exciting to hear about Garland. I loved both Annihilation and Ex Machina.

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