Westworld Episode 8 Instant Take: “Crisis Theory”

Westworld Episode 8 Instant Take: "Crisis Theory"

Westworld Episode 8 Instant Take: “Crisis Theory”

“Holy Guacamole!” cries Ashley Schafly as Westworld’s season finale kills off key characters, does some serious soul-searching, and depicts the quietest of riots.

“Crisis Theory” felt more like springboard into a distant Westworld Season 4 than an end to Season 3, but that’s not to say it wasn’t full of big answers about Serac, the Man in Black, Charlotte, Dolores, Maeve, Rehoboam, and Caleb.

Plus, Bernard finally got the episode he deserved, and tons of dudes got shot in the foot.

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Westworld Episode 8 Summary:
Caleb takes Dolores’ host control module to a new body in Los Angeles, and make their way through the riots to Incite to plant the control module from Solomon into Rehoboam. Charlotte is now revealed to be working against Dolores as revenge for her family’s death while Maeve soon fights Dolores under Serac’s orders to retrieve the key which Dolores does not have. Dolores is captured and brought to Serac where she is hooked into Rehoboam and her memories begin being deleted by Serac when she refuses to give him the host data. Bernard survives the fight between him and William and Ashley is shot but the Lawrence host, along with police in riot gear, is given an address, revealed to be the home of Arnold’s widow where the two bond over Charlie’s death. William meets with one of the Delos stakeholders to get his money back, while Caleb is taken to Serac to see whether Solomon’s strategy would work in Rehoboam. Dolores’ memories begin deleting quickly and in her last moments, inspires Maeve to turn against Serac and wounds him in a gunfight as well as killing his men. Rehoboam is deleted by Caleb, now with full control, and he and Maeve leave Incite. Bernard enters the Sublime. In a post-credit scene, the human Man in Black is killed by his host with the help of Charlotte.

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2 Responses

  1. Mark Shepard says:

    Who is the voice in the ear, first with Dolores and next with Caleb? This voice seems like a super Siri. But where, who, what? It must be located somewhere. And does the all-seeing eye of Rebo and see it, monitor it, or control it?

  2. Hank Green says:

    Nice ending but many missed opportunities/pointless scenes. The biggest is when Delores blocks Maeve’s sword with her arm. Not only it rips-off from “I Robot”, but completely missed the point of the scene. In the movie, it reveals the Will Smith character has a robotic arm. But in Westworld, we already knew she has the old alloy endoskeleton body, so that scene was completely pointless. Also, why establish that old body can easily break chains, if that super strength is never really used after?

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