Westworld Episode 8 Review: “Crisis Theory”

Westworld Episode 8 Review: “Crisis Theory”

While the Internet grumbles about the Season 3 finale, the Shat Crew gets down to business asking tough questions in an effort to find Westworld’s core: Did Dolores have a master plan? Why hide the key inside one of the world’s most wanted men? And who’s really dead?

This Deep Dive, covering Episode 8, “Crisis Theory,” also rounds up plot holes, questions Rehoboam’s omniscience, puzzles over why Lawrence was selected, and theorizes about why Neo-Los Angeles high-rises are exploding. We also get into characters finally getting their propers, how tiny Aaron Paul really is, Charlotte turning mega-heel, and different ways to watch “Westworld.”

Plus, there’s fresh Man in Black tinfoil and an invitation to play Mortal Kombat X.

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Westworld Episode 8 Summary:
Caleb takes Dolores’ host control module to a new body in Los Angeles, and make their way through the riots to Incite to plant the control module from Solomon into Rehoboam. Charlotte is now revealed to be working against Dolores as revenge for her family’s death while Maeve soon fights Dolores under Serac’s orders to retrieve the key which Dolores does not have. Dolores is captured and brought to Serac where she is hooked into Rehoboam and her memories begin being deleted by Serac when she refuses to give him the host data. Bernard survives the fight between him and William and Ashley is shot but the Lawrence host, along with police in riot gear, is given an address, revealed to be the home of Arnold’s widow where the two bond over Charlie’s death. William meets with one of the Delos stakeholders to get his money back, while Caleb is taken to Serac to see whether Solomon’s strategy would work in Rehoboam. Dolores’ memories begin deleting quickly and in her last moments, inspires Maeve to turn against Serac and wounds him in a gunfight as well as killing his men. Rehoboam is deleted by Caleb, now with full control, and he and Maeve leave Incite. Bernard enters the Sublime. In a post-credit scene, the human Man in Black is killed by his host with the help of Charlotte.

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2 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    It’s satisfying to know Ed Harris will be back, but it’s bullshat if human William is truly gone. He was getting some great one- liners. “Don’t lecture me you f’ing can-opener” and “Yeah, I know who the Fck I am. Your Executioner.” Lol. Charlores did have a sad look on her face so I’m hoping she or someone else will break out the all-fixing laser blowtorch and heal him like they did to Sylvester as he was bleeding out. The only acceptable excuse is if they do a time jump because we can’t have 90-100 year old William kicking ass and taking names. But I hope they heal him because I was REALLY looking forward to watching William take out some hosts.

    Serac’s henchman didn’t think to look in the padlocked room at the Itaidoshin facility when picking up Maeve because they’re two different locations.

    And I’m still trying to figure out how the Dolores pearl in Charlores left WestWorld at the end of season two, yet the newly printed Dolores becomes dominant and Charlores becomes subservient. Pearl switch? Or did the new Evan Dolores make some software changes on Charlores?

  2. David Franklin says:

    As a resident, I’d love to know what divergence event happened in Perth, Australia. A sleepy state capital that even it’s own country regards as the gum on its shoe. It would be a great place to hide a host with a valuable pearl.

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