Westworld Episode 8 Theories: “Kiksuya”

Westworld Episode 8 Review: "Kiksuya"
Westworld Episode 8 Review: "Kiksuya"

Westworld Episode 8 Theories: “Kiksuya”

Episode 8 seemed pretty straightforward … until listener emails and voicemails arrived. We missed a lot, and “Westworld” fans were there to set the record straight.

Let’s take a different look at “Kiksuya” and answer the most complicated questions, including:

  • Is host consciousness the result of intelligent design or simple mistakes?
  • Was the Maze left for Akecheta on purpose?
  • When did Dolores pass “violent delights” to Maeve?
  • Was James Delos actually a fidelity test for William

Apologies for the rough audio on this one. We hope the amazing content makes up for it.

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Westworld Episode 8 Summary:
“Kiksuya” William is found by Akecheta and taken to a Ghost Nation camp. Emily arrives and persuades him to let her take William, promising that he will suffer more with her than with the Ghost Nation. Maeve is taken in for analysis as Lee hopes she can be used to control the hosts, but Charlotte discovers that she has been consciously accessing the Westworld network to communicate with and reprogram other hosts. In the camp, Akecheta tells his story to Maeve’s daughter. Prior to the uprising, he lived a peaceful life among the Ghost Nation until he discovered the maze symbol and inadvertently started down the path to sentience. After an encounter with Logan Delos and the discovery of the Valley Beyond, he concludes that his life is not his own and plans an escape. When his partner Kohana is taken by the park technicians and decommissioned, Akecheta dedicates himself to spreading the maze symbol as a warning to other hosts. It is revealed that Maeve has been connected to her daughter during the analysis and that Akecheta has been communicating with her. The raiding parties were intended to save hosts, who he promises Maeve he will lead to the Valley Beyond. He implores her to stay behind and complete her mission before Dolores destroys them all.

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1 Response

  1. James Mcdevitt says:

    Who has ever said the horses were always ‘hosts’ they may have used real horses and other domestic animals as this was a long time ago. This incident might have made them realise they need fail safes like host horses. In fact just waiting this out made me think the incident they talk about that happened 30 years ago might have been Logan nearly dieing out in the park and there could have been a major overhall of safety protocol. Just rambling now but I think an idea is forming in my mind about it all

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