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Massive fan of the podcast here from the UK!

As I rewatch the series again ready for series 2, I have been subtly picking up on bits to figure out if I can work out the location of westworld amongst other things. I’ve noticed a couple of things and wondered whether I am reading in to it too much:

The service tunnels: in the scenes with the service tunnels under westworld there appears to be a hyper loop type transport system (you can see the trains flash by). These trains run in sealed tunnels like the hyperloop system. This is different from the maglev style trains you see departing from westworld station. Would this suggest they are in a remote location on earth, maybe mainland China. Maybe the sealed tunnels are used to go under water to the mainland.

Dr Fords speech: during the speech with Teressa Dr Ford suggests that “in here” we are gods. In here is a strange way to describe a location such as a theme park in my opinion. I wouldn’t describe my home town in such a way, nor a park. It would suggest a location maybe sealed off from the outside. Whilst I don’t prescribe to theories about westworld being located on the moon or under water it does suggest something similar somewhere sealed off from the otherwise. In a speech so carefully crafted it would surprise me if it was a slip or a misuse of the words.

Given that there is 6 parks and the clearly tight controls on anything from the outside getting in I cant figure it out, it’s such a fascinating topic. According to Nolan we have been told where the park is located.

This is probably one of the greatest mysteries for me. I can’t wait to discover the location of the parks. I wondered what your thoughts are on the location? And what for your guys is the biggest missing piece you’d love to be solved?

Thanks for reading, can’t wait for session two to start so I can enjoy some more amazing podcast goodness from yourselves.


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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    I’ve never really spent much time thinking about WHERE Westworld is. That part could entirely be left unanswered when the show ends its run (hopefully not too soon). I care much more about what’s happening on the island.

    But you raise some interesting points. I just want to know what Delos is after.

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