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I am a centralist westworld fan. I love the show but realize they are in LOST territory and just making up the show at this point without a plan or the original plan went out the window.

Loose end : I want explanation on the war that occurred between the end of season 3 and the lighthouse. Who fought in the war? There had to be a legit war because Caleb had a crew that included Mave. No mention of it after the first episode and the episode that showed what happened at the lighthouse.

The End: I have a feeling if the show doesn’t go Into season 5 or if it does we will see that the last seen was shown already. It will be man in black going down the elevator on his fidelity loop. THATS IT. The man in black is the last thing on earth and nothing will happen till he passes fidelity.

Thanks for the great podcast and making me feel I wasn’t crazy with all the missing plot points.



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  1. Dick Ebert says:

    Sadly, I think there will not be any closer on most of the loose ends. Everyone is gone, and even if we get a Virtual Season 5, will the past even matter?

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