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College Guidance Professional (CGP): Thank you for coming in today Ashley. I must say I have read your dissertation and it is fantastic.

Ashley (AS): Thank you. I am very excited to start my career. I really think I can bring the classics alive for people. Really inspire a new generation.

CGP: Wonderful not let me consult our new advanced career AI….and …pod-caster.

AS: What?

CGP: Pod-caster, it is a way of recording thought…

AS: No, I understand what a podcast is. What I don’t understand is how my PHD in literature leads you to believe that pod-caster should be my profession.

CGP: Well the AI is very advanced. You know we don’t even know how fast it thinks.

AS: I don’t care how fast it thinks. I didn’t rack up $100 grand in student loans to be a f#%$ing pod-caster.

CGP: Well it is all very scientific…please stop your hurting me.


CGP: I am sorry…ow…it is standard…..


CGP: Professor, I meant to say tenured professor.

AS: thank you for your time.

CGP: eh…yes could you ask Mr. Lyons to come in


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1 Response

  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    How did you know that this is exactly how I became a professor? 🙂

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