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Hey guys.

Firstly love the podcasts.simply brilliant.
I have a theory floating around that you may or may not have discussed the Man in Black (MIB).

Is it possible that MIB is actually a host? Even the original host? Is the whole William is MIB’ merely a clever plot red herring?

The only interaction between non-hosts and MIB is with Ford which at the least is odd’ and focuses on MIB being the bad guy the park needed’. The other non-host interaction is with the other couple of guys also on a trip to the park who seem over-awed with MIB. Before they can say why they are star struck, MIB cuts them shot. Is this because he’s the original host and the (robotic) face of Westworld and essentially famous to the non-hosts?

The backstory for MIB is tragic (same as Bernard).
Has he become self-aware and the search for the maze is his path to full realization? Is the reason he attacks Delores merely to see what makes the hosts (himself) work?

Anyway, probably a crack pot theory

Keep the podcasts going.simply love them.

Andrew K.

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