Westworld – On The Other Side Of The Door Is Seawater?

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Hey Guys,

The speed of the seawater flooding into the
Forge would be limited by the diameter of the
underground pipe that connects the sea to the
Forge, so a giant wave wouldn’t necessarily
be expected. Also, if the pipe enters the
Forge near the upper level, more of the water
would flow down into the depths of the Forge
than would bubble up through the surface
(until the depths are fully flooded),
reducing the size of the upward wave. Also,
if the valley is only a few feet below sea
level, I think there wouldn’t be a lot of
pressure forcing the water up to the surface,
so a geyser wouldn’t necessarily be
expected. Of course, anything is possible
given the writers’ lack of expertise in
hydrodynamics, their preference for drama and
mystery at the expense of realism when
necessary, the cost of realistic special
effects, etc.

I think a break of the Raj dam can be ruled
out by the reactions of Strand’s QA in
episode 1. They had no clue whence came the
water that flooded the Valley Beyond and it
was a mystery to them how it could even be
possible. That strongly suggests the water
flowed through (or from) a structure hidden

If Bernard’s mind picks up an uninvited
passenger while in the Forge, like he picked
up Ford’s ghost in the Cradle simulation, it
could be the AI in BernAIrd who chooses to
lay down at the water’s edge after the flooding.

At the beginning of the scene that ended with
Bernard revealing to Strand the sector 16
zone 4 location of Peter Abernathy’s control
unit, a technician says Bernard’s mind
appears to be struggling to rewrite itself,
and the tablet indicates his mind has a lot
of fragmentation. For awhile we assumed the
technician meant a struggle between Bernard
and Ford’s ghost, but Bernard may have
successfully deleted Ford’s ghost in
“Vanishing Point” and the struggle could be
Bernard versus the Passenger from the Forge.

When you say “stalling the humans this entire
season” it sounds like you might mean more of
the season than just the scenes with Strand
et al, between the time when they found
Bernard at the edge of the flood until they
discovered he’s a host who can be ordered not
to stall by saying the magic word ‘analysis.’
(Assuming he hasn’t found a way to be
deceptive while in analysis mode.) I don’t
recall any pre-flood scenes in which Bernard
appeared to stall anyone, but perhaps I just
wasn’t paying enough attention. This season
Bernard certainly hasn’t been candid with
anyone (except possibly Ford), but my
impression is that his motivations not to be
candid haven’t been constant… keeping his
Host-ness secret was important to him until
he was outed. He appeared to come close to
confessing something when Strand accused
Stubbs of being a corporate spy and murdering
Theresa, but he was interrupted so we don’t
know what he would have said.


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