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Hello Shat Crew,

Very much looking forward to the Westies on Twitch Monday night. Feels like getting the band back together. So, the finale, this left me feeling like Christina/Dolores had been ‘fridged’ all season. Sure she pulled herself back to sentience by her subconscious bootstraps, but nothing she did had any affect on the real world beyond keeping humans in their loops. And maybe her mini revolution allowed Frankie and Stubbs to find Caleb, so was that her only part to play in this season’s plot? Caleb, could be a more interesting possibility. He managed to slow his break down to fix up Frankie because of his love for her. He’s on the dock at the end, but he’s not down. Maybe he’ll survive his fidelity test because he has something Delos didn’t have. An unconditional love for his daughter. I agree with Ash that there were so many missed opportunities of showing the wider world. Haloris said cities, but we don’t even get a glimpse, except for Christina’s trip to New Jersey. Gene’s right that extinction could occur because of insufficient population for a viable gene pool. Although scientists have been bringing species back from the brink with breeding programs. And finally, do we really believe that the only thing hosts would want to do is play “The Most Dangerous Game” and how dangerous can it be if you can be rebuilt? No painters, except for Christina doing landscapes, no musicians, no architects, no sculptors? Have they no creativity at all? Wouldn’t that be a mark of sentience? If there is a season 5, I’ll probable watch it. I’m afraid Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are too clever by half. Haloris sitting on a chair of humans because Joy thought it was cool is an example. And all the walking, so much walking, sorry striding purposefully. This email is all over the place, but so are my thoughts about this season. Thank you again for the podcasts. Y’all made this a fun trip.

Central PA

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