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I just finished episode 8 of season 4 and I’m man enough to admit part of my theory was wrong. I thought she was talking to people through the tones and only outliers couldn’t hear her. But turns out it was just that old bicameral mind thing again. I still think my thing would have made a better story. Though I do question how she had memories of the maze and teddy when she shouldn’t have those?

Have come to the conclusion from information in this episode that I don’t like people calling robot William , William. Caleb proves that host william isn’t a completely accurate copy of the human because he isn’t breaking down like Caleb. He might have similar personality traits, but he dosen’t really have human Williams memories or mind.

I’m a little dissapointed everyone is dead, I mean we have Bernard dead, thoght this isn’t season 1 or 2 Bernard, this is a new one created at the end of season 2 who spent most of his life in the Sublime running simulations. Maeve and here last decade or 2 of life out side the park dead, any version in the sublime would be based on season 1. Stubbs, poor stubbs, just wanted to a good boy but got jerked around by everyone for 30 years and then gets killed by Clemintime! All versions of william Not William host and orginal Williiam human. Lets talk about Clemintime, what happened to her? It feels like she hasn’t really had anything to do or any purpose to the story since season 2 and not that she free again? She seems to have absorbed some of Robo Williams attitude and is killing everyone good, evil , human or host. Why did she go full evil ? I really hoped Stubbs would help Frankie survive for a while, maybe enjoy life for a while before the end.

So host Caleb is just going to sit there and die? I wish we had seen him going back to do one last good thing like maybe help stubbs drag him back to the building where they built Caleb and fix him. Give a cool eyepatch. Let him become the Nick Fury of Westworld.

Does anyone else think the Plan of Bernard might of been better if they ignored the tower and just shot Robo Man in Black? I mean he is the reason most of the hosts and humans died. Except for a few outliers and hosts away from the cities. That way there wouldn’t have been an immediate mass extinction event. Bernard could have made his own hosts and tried free humans. Help them learn to live together . Heck if he really predicted Christina and didn’t directly interefer in her situation like we thought , which is crap by the way, there is no way he could know that he knew Charloris would create another version of here in the control of the tower . If he did know about here he didn’t need to do anything but help her and stop william. She was already freeing the humans and indirectly the hosts fro Charloris control. He is also another easy if unpleasent way to free humanity, humanity is controlled by tones from the tower and relays? Make humans deaf. Horrible, but humans cand and do survive without hearing. Maybe everyone would learn signlanguage.

For all his socalled predictions, it seems like there where a bunch of ways things could have gone better than all long running characters die and almost everyone in the real world humand and host alike. It is pretty depressing. Especcialy the prediction that everyone WILL die. Yes everyone dies eventually but humanity has faced many apocalypses in the past and survived. War, pestilence , famine earthquages, volcanoes, torndadoes, tsunamies, draoughts, heck a lot of myths talk about a world wide flood so that may have wiped out a large portion of the population and humanity recovered. My point is that while a lot the immediate knowledge for modern living and technology and science might be wiped out know, Humanity has gone through worse many times in the past and many civilizations have fallen and risen new civilization fromt he ashes. I copied this next math from someone smarter than me.

If we go with 10 people, that means population growth of 5x each generation, and each generation averages ~30 years. Getting to a few billions 30?ln(7?109/160)/ln5?33030?ln?(7?109/160)/ln?5?33 years, assuming we don’t lose the technology that allows us to feed these few billions today. (In reality, somewhat longer since we would be hitting population bottlenecks each time we run out of land in any contiguous parcel of land.)

If we do lose the technology (and it’s a real risk that we do), billions are simply not happening, but we can max out at a couple hundred million at medieval level of development if we populate all continents.

Continue from scot- So even if we lost modern tech, which we might not completely we’d at least be supporting millions on the earth after a few generations or more.

But even if the math is wrong, the point is that humanity can recover. Everyone on this show, good guy, bad guy human or host seems to have a pervasive negative and sometime nihilist view on humanity and its potential. Basicly bad things happen because they believe they cant be any better. Or they just don’t have hope. You need hoep to build something to strive and no one one the show seems to have that.

Final Test/Game Whats the point? Everyone had thier test hosts and humans alike and they are all dead. Besides didn’t Orginal Delores do this at the end of season 3 with Caleb? Didn’t he choice prove that humans can change, it just not very easy? That seems like what she is doing again? Besides if our code is in our “genes” isn’t this the future don’t we have gene thereapy yet? Seems liek they are going ever a point they already did last season, yes gene determine some things, but so doe s environment and the choice you choose to make.

Wrap up- Did this feel liek a sereis finale scene to everyone else? This felt very much like an open ended ending for a sereis to me. Maybe they got early news that they might be ended before season five so they tried to type up as many loose ends as possible. The final scenes felt if it ends where it is now maybe you have a litle hope, but it is also at a good stoping point.

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