Westworld Season 2 News & Notes


Westworld Season 2 looms just a month away! Jump back in the saddle to discuss the Westworld Experience at SXSW and how showrunner Jonathan Nolan plans to screw with Reddit. Learn about new characters, Dolores’ even darker side, drone hosts, and where guests found another buried maze. Plus, the return of the Westworld Telegraph.

We missed you, and it’s time to raise hell.

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7 Responses

  1. Peter Christensen says:

    Love your show guys, literally just finished your entire back catalogue, even Tabboo! Love the banter and look forward to each episode as I listen to them on the tram to work, I live in Manchester England and I found your show due to my love of Game of thrones and became hooked. Don’t always agree on your shatometer but it’s great to hear other opinions on movies I enjoyed as a younger man.
    Blade runner- how fucking dare you!, backdraft- spot on! Keep up the stellar work, and please add Taxi driver to your future reviews. Much love Peter

  2. Jason says:

    Here is the new Trailer. Cant wait.

  3. Tev says:

    Hahaha………and fill out your survey:)

  4. Manster says:

    Took the survey for you guys! So pumped to have Westworld, and the podcast back. I’ve never followed along with a podcast while watching a show before last season of Westworld. Enjoyed watching GoT and following with the podcast as well.

    Can’t wait for season 2. I tell everyone that watches Westworld, to check this podcast out. I love the 3 episode format. Having a quick overview of the episode again the next day, but maybe having some things pointed out I didn’t notice is great. then the deep dive, then the crazy fan theories and people providing back ground info for things that i never would have known otherwise.

    Love what you guys do!

    • Gene Lyons says:

      It’s a grueling schedule, but you guys keep us afloat with stellar theories and your diverse personalities.

  5. Ray Statter says:

    Looking forward to Season 2 , its gonna be epic !

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