Westworld Episode 1 Instant Take: “Journey Into Night”

Westworld Episode 1 Instant Take: “Journey Into Night”

The Westworld Season 2 premiere “Journey into Night” ended 18 months of TV starvation with a buffet of answered questions and explosive action. Hear Big D lay down the quick facts as we prepare for Tuesday’s Deep Dive.

This quick Instacast covers the season premiere’s most pressing issues that just can’t wait, including:

  • Is Bernard a reliable narrator?
  • Did he kill all the hosts?
  • When is now?
  • How the hell does Delos not have a better way to scan for hosts?

Send us your thoughts at hosts@shatontv.com. Bonus points if you talk about Samurai World.

Westworld Episode 1 Summary:
“Journey Into Night” In the hours following the massacre of the Delos board members, Bernard and Charlotte take shelter in an underground bunker, where they resolve to work together in locating the decommissioned Peter Abernathy and securing aid. Dolores, who has embarked on a bloody campaign to hunt the survivors, tells Teddy her programming has caused her personas to merge and that she has greater plans for the hosts. Maeve recruits Hector and forces Lee to help her find her daughter. William, who also survived the massacre, encounters the young Robert Ford host, who reveals that a game designed just for him has commenced. Two weeks later, a security team sent by Delos to reassert control over Westworld finds Bernard and enlists his help in investigating a series of anomalies. The investigation leads them to a lagoon filled with hundreds of dead hosts that Bernard claims to have killed.

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8 Responses

  1. Jez says:

    Hey, am I the only one who found it a little discriminatory that Dolores gets to unilaterally decide who deserves to go to “the valley beyond” based purely upon looks?

    Welcome back, guys. Missed this!

    • Gene Lyons says:

      Was it based on looks? Or was it code? Who does Ghost Nation work for? It’s reasonable to believe the reason QA inspected the brave’s brainbox was because he was working as an agent for the corporation.

  2. Marti says:

    Agreed. You guys are BY FAR my favorite Westworld podcast, and I’ve been waited with baited breath for the show’s return. Thanks for all you do!

  3. MansterBear says:

    So glad you guys are back! Can’t wait to listen to this over lunch.

    • Gene Lyons says:

      Glad to be back, MansterBear! What did you think of Episode 1?

      • MansterBear says:

        Thought it was great! I basically fell between the 2 “camps” for this episode. I definitely didn’t like the cheesy lines they gave Maive, but I am with Big D as far as being more optimistic for it. It did feel a little “hand holdy”, but we’re just beginning. There could be a big reveal in Ep7 or 8 that gives this episode a completely different context, like last season. I’m also wondering if they have slipped in another time line or 2 that we won’t realize until later.

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