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From: American Gods Cast

Evenin fellas,

My big takeaway from Episode 1 was the question, “What is real?” This is something that Bernard is clearly struggling with as he/we are unsure of what is the present for him, and Maeve also brought up when she was with Lee. This has some serious callbacks to S1 as well, as the difference between a “real” human and a host was the idea of consciousness. Now that Dolores has traversed the maze and found her own voice, is she real? Is she a human now?

Linking the idea of the Valley beyond which was also very present during the episode, immediately what comes to mind is the idea of transcendence, moving above and beyond what they currently are. Where else do hosts have to go if they already have consciousness? Is the valley beyond becoming more than human? Or is it the final step to that goal? Perhaps the hosts must ‘walk through the valley of the shadow of death’. To truly become human, one must embrace all of its traits, including death, for nothing beautiful lasts forever.

Cheers! – Michael

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Taking that a step further, what does a thinking being do when it’s loop no longer is a loop? Does arresting the loop arrest the maze or hasten it?

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