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Hi everyone, Justin from Chicago here.

New listener this season and I am really liking the podcasts. In this weeks instacast of “Akane no Mai” you discussed the possibility that Teddy’s control unit or “conscience” was transferred into Bernard. My immediate thought when seeing Bernard looking over the pile of bodies, and in episode one when Bernard was looking at Teddy floating in the water in with all the other host bodies, was not that Teddy’s mind was in Bernard, but it is actually Dolores who uploaded her mind into Bernard and she is seeing what she had done to all the other hosts. A possible reason she did this was that she needed to get to the human world with no one knowing it is her and almost all humans except for Elsie don’t know that Bernard is a host.

Also a side note that I want to dive into a deeper email with is regarding William and James Delos and why James Delos was not accepting his new reality. Basically without diving too deep into it, it boils down to what Ford discovered in season 1. THE HOSTS MUST SUFFER. William was only allowing Jim Delos to live for about 30 days and then terminate and start again. Ford’s quote from Season 1 Episode 10, the bicameral mind, is ” Wasn’t it Oppenheimer who said, “that any man whose mistake takes 10 years to correct, is quite a man?” Mine have taken 35.” Doesn’t it seem plausible that transferring human consciousness into a host to create some sort of hybrid cannot be done instantly.

This now brings me to my new thought, did Ford attempt to transfer his consciousness into Maeve? The only other time we saw someone control a host without word commands was Ford when he was having lunch with Teresa in season 1. (Obviously season 1 both only ford and Teresa are in season 1 lol). Possible that ford put parts of his conscious into all his hosts, or at least the original hosts?

Sorry this email is all over the place kind of just my instant take on the episode, maybe dive into and dissect some of these thoughts on the cast?

Keep on killing it with the podcasts!

-Justin A

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