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Listening to the various theories on who is in Charlotte Hale and wanted to add my 2 cents. There are several clues that I think add up to the possibility that Hale is in Hale. Not the complete Hale, but a recreated, modified version created by Deloris. Clue 1 – Delores says she basically owns “New” Hale and treats her like her child. Clue 2 – Hale somehow knows how to run Delos Corp…how without some prior knowledge? “New” Hale also mentions that she starts to remember some things when she is awoken. Clue 3 – We have seen that when real people are resurrected as hosts, they snap or glitch…like Lee and Daddy Delos. I think the fact that Hale didn’t remember her ex or her son makes sense because Deloris could only make Hale based on what she knew or could find information on. Hale didn’t seem like she brought much personal into the office, so no family info. Just a thought!

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Brian in Greensboro NC

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    One thing I have said all along is that we don’t know what color ball is inside the Charlotte body, so you are correct. A red ball could be in there that is Hale or some other human.

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