Dr. Ford’s Cyborg Revenge

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Hey guys, Kevin here. Love the podcast, keep up the good work. I’ve got quite the theory for you guys, so tinfoil hats on. Seeing the fandoms response to episode 9, I have a feeling that we all have been completely fooled. Watching the episode convinced me for the first time that William is Doctor Ford. How is this possible you ask? Well the entire Benarnald saga was a massive misdirect and a secondary backstory for Bernard for the times he becomes sentient. Ford tells Bernard that they have had disagreements like this before. The third man in the center of the photograph is Arnold, the creator of the park. When William went crazy and stayed up all night cutting open hosts, I saw the birth of Doctor Ford, not the birth of the Man in Black. William then says “I understand this world”. Who understands Westworld better than Doctor Ford? Why would William be content with simply returning to Westworld as a guest? Wouldn’t he want to dedicate his life to it? It’s Logan, the Man in Black, who sees this world as a game and a vacation. His eyes are blue because Logan will be blinded in the finale and he now has artificial eyes. This made me think about the Man in Black’s little backstory about killing the woman and her daughter and feeling nothing. We all assume this was Maeve, but this could simply be a backstory Ford gave to her that was rooted in truth, another secondary backstory for a sentient host like Bernard. I think that in order to exact his revenge on the Man in Black, for torturing Dolores all those year ago, Doctor Ford had him kill a real woman and her daughter in the park. The Man in Black thought that they were hosts at the time, and Ford will reveal this to him in order to prove that there is no difference between the humans and the hosts. Ford also told The Man in Blacks wife, which caused her to commit suicide. In the end, Ford will reveal to him that he is a cyborg bent on world domination. I know the timelines don’t seem to add up at first, but remember, hosts memories can be altered and we have been misdirected from the start. Hope you guys like the theory. Cannot wait for the finale to prove once and for all that William is not the Man in Black.
-Kevin R.

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