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Howdy guys,

Long time listener first-time emailer! After all of the revelations after “Trace Decay, “ I figured I should throw my tin foil hat into the cattle drive with everyone else!

During the MiB conversation with Teddy, he mentions the poor relationship with his wife and how she found out “who he was in the park”. If the Man in Black is, in fact, William, then his wife could be Logan’s sister that Billy is engaged too!

Like Big D said in the instacast, Delos could have leaked to his wife evidence of his relationship with Dolores and perhaps (stay with me here) his murder of Logan? Because if Logan is dead, Billy could become the head of the corporation he marries into.

What better reason to divorce your husband than to find out he loves a robot more than you and he killed your brother. So maybe the reason MiB returns to the park is to compete for the maze and free the hosts, therefore freeing his true love, Dolores?

I’d love to know what you guys think. Keep up the great work!



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