Winterfell falls

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Hey Dean and Big D…

One rewrite of Season 8. I’d really like to have seen this, as I think it would have blown my mind to see chaos represented in Westeros. I think Id like to see this most because it is so completely different and the thing I was most afraid of was losing at Winterfell. So lets see that happen!

The White Walkers win at Winterfell. It is completely overwhelming, but many people escape and flee.

Our heroes are separated into several groups: Jon heaves Bran on his back and flies away with him on Rhaegal. Drogon flies off to free himself of the Wights, and Jorah manages to run with Dany. The Hound and Arya escape with Sansa and Tryion who fled the Crypt to avoid the Stark-Wights. Jamie and Brienne escape. Or they dont. I’m not sure I care. Theon definitely bites it.

All is lost, and everyone is running South to try to outpace the Wights who are delayed as they scour Winterfell for Bran. We return to the stories of the hardship of traversing Westeros, but this time it is winter, and the pace of the Wights is terrifying.

Jon and Bran on Rhaegal eventually reconnect with Dany and Jorah (after Drogon finds her fleeing south). They journey on to Dorne by air.

Arya, the Hound, Sansa and Tyrion make their way to Kings Landing. Their goal is to infiltrate Kings Landing, though Tyrion wants to warn Cersei of the coming of the Dead, the Hound wants to kill the Mountain, and Arya wants to kill Cersei.

In Dorne, Dany, Jon and Bran try to determine some strategy to isolate the Night King.

The Hound-Party reach the Red Keep and Tyrion manages to get a conversation with Cersei, but Arya slips in and kills her, with a big fight in the Red Keep with the Hound and Arya trying to take out the Mountain. Meanwhile, the Wight-Army has breached Kings Landing and appear to be ready to take the Red Keep but they stop, and head South — Bran has used crows to draw the Night King to a new trap.

The trap is more sophisticated. Brans warging extends to many creatures at once, and this holds back the White Walkers and the Night King comes alone. Dany tries dragon fire again, but it is a ruse as Jon comes in from behind and uses Long Claw to slay him. All the Wights and White Walkers perish.

With half of Westeros destroyed and littered with the dead, Jon and Dany lead a cooperative of Southern Lords to piece together a way forward. Once reunited with Sansa, Arya and Tyrion, they plan for a re-annexation of the North, with Sansa leading the way to establish houses from survivors.

Twenty years go by. There is no Iron Throne, but a quaint, new Targaryen homestead that Jon and Dany rule from. Bran is their master of whisperers. Sansa has rebuilt Winterfell. Ayra is shown to be someplace entirely strange.

Different, no?
Brent Daniel

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