Dances With Wolves (1990)

We can thank Kevin Costner’s “Dances With Wolves” for reinvigorating Westerns for the ’90s, leading to other Shat movies like “Tombstone” and “Unforgiven.” For ’80s kids, it also served as a gateway to exploring American Indian culture and history.

Despite questionable mustaches and a conspicuous score, “Dances With Wolves” was visually stunning, emotionally effective and, in Ash’s case, occasionally terrifying. Yes, it still had some corny narration and gratuitous slow-motion. But that’s the ’90s, baby!

In this episode, Gene applauds Costner for casting a “kinda old” lead lady. Ash hails “Dances With Wolves” as the model of using a simple story to great impact, and Big D asks how John Dunbar became fluent in Lakota. The Shat Crew also discusses the buffalo hunt, the noble savage, brain damage from repeated blows to the head and how much Americans suck.








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