Halloween III: Season of The Witch (1982)

“Great song … great masks … the plan sucks.” That’s how Dick Ebert summed up the infamous bait-and-switch horror classic “Halloween III: Season of The Witch,” a movie that taught us what happens when you take the slasher out of a slasher series.

Rob in Colchester commissioned this 1982 film, recorded a jingle for it and shared his mind-blowing theories on why a super-hot, grieving daughter would bang an alcoholic doctor, why TV stations would take orders from that doctor and why killer androids let him live.

In this episode, Gene learns about Mr. Beast and immediate hates him. Big D teaches us how to punch dolphins, and Ash wonders what Irishness has to do with the Halloween franchise. The Shat Crew also praises the realness of Halloween III’s black characters, suggests casting Jeff Goldblum instead of Tom Atkins and explores the drop-off in kids watching TV.


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