Happy Gilmore (1996)

Happy Gilmore Quote: “The price is wrong, bitch!” – Happy Gilmore

We owe you an apology. In more than 200 movies, Shat The Movies somehow neglected to select a film starring Adam Sandler. Listener Steve W. decided to make things right by commissioning the 1996 golf comedy classic “Happy Gilmore.”

Hot on the heels of “Billy Madison,” this cameo-filled gut-buster hit the ground running without wasting a minute, made us question what it means to be a winner, championed the everyman, and was endlessly quotable.

Who doesn’t love to hate Shooter McGavin? Who doesn’t love to love Chubbs? And whoever expected to see Bob Barker kick the crap out of the hero?

“Happy Gilmore” was full of surprises in an era when we thought we’d seen it all. It took a boring game and made it exciting. And it taught each of us to find our happy place.

Plot Summary: “Happy Gilmore” All Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) has ever wanted is to be a professional hockey player. But he soon discovers he may actually have a talent for playing an entirely different sport: golf. When his grandmother (Frances Bay) learns she is about to lose her home, Happy joins a golf tournament to try and win enough money to buy it for her. With his powerful driving skills and foul-mouthed attitude, Happy becomes an unlikely golf hero — much to the chagrin of the well-mannered golf professionals.

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