My Science Project (1985)

My Science Project Quote: “I’m cool, you’re cool, we’re cool, thank you, good night!” – Vince

When it comes to your 200th movie, you can’t just go with any old motion picture. You need something mid-80s with a time-traveling teen, a cool car, a wacky scientist, dangerous enemies, and an awkward romance. That’s why Shat The Movies is proud to celebrate its bicentennial with everyone’s favorite 1985 time machine movie: “My Science Project.”

The shat flies fast and furious as we talk about overused nerd tropes, a psychotic Dennis Hopper, adolescent terrorism, T-Rex abuse, and abysmal costuming.

When Fisher Stevens is the highlight of your movie and even Big D can’t get into the sci-fi fun, you know there’s trouble. Anyone who’s been listening for the past 199 movies knows “My Science Project” is prime Shat material.

Plot Summary: “My Science Project” A teen (John Stockwell) and his girlfriend (Danielle von Zerneck) raid a military junkyard and find a time-travel contraption from a UFO.

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