Sixteen Candles (1984)

Sixteen Candles Quote: “Ohhh, sexy girlfriend!” – Long Duk Dong

“It’s been a while since Shat The Movies covered a John Hughes movie, and this time we’re going back to where it all started for the quintessential ’80s director: “”Sixteen Candles.””

This high school comedy cemented the roles Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall would play for the next decade, and it gave us some of the most iconic scenes in ’80s cinema.

In this podcast, the Shat Crew debates girls’ underwear, where to draw the line between flirting and harassment, the right number of bathrooms for a house, the importance of birthdays, whether Ringwald is actually pretty, what to do with perverts in the family, and whether the lead man is an asshole.

Ash and Big D discuss penis sizes, while Gene recalls the time he tried to get sexy with a typewriter. Plus, the gang shares its fan fiction on what comes after the candles are blown out.”

Plot Summary: “Sixteen Candles” With the occasion all but overshadowed by her sister’s upcoming wedding, angst-ridden Samantha (Molly Ringwald) faces her 16th birthday with typical adolescent dread. Samantha pines for studly older boy Jake (Michael Schoeffling), but worries that her chastity will be a turnoff for the popular senior. Meanwhile, Samantha must constantly rebuff the affections of nerdy Ted (Anthony Michael Hall), the only boy in the school, unfortunately, who seems to take an interest in her.

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