Species (1995)

Species Quote: “She was half us, half something else. I wonder which was the predatory half.” – Dr. Laura Baker

“Species” is a movie about boobs: great boobs, alien boobs, killer boobs, gooey boobs. But the 1995 movie that introduced the world to Natasha Henstridge is so much more. It made Ash and Big D sympathize with a killer alien. It made Michael Madsen try to be an action star. And it turned Gene Lyons into a sci-fi lawyer.

In this edition, we put on our lab coats and dissect the mating habits and menstrual discharge of human hybrids, debate whether inviting a lady to shower is polite or perverted, applaud terrific police work, question laboratory protocols, evaluate the sex appeal of Alfred Molina, and utterly shatter Dick Ebert’s optimistic view of the film’s end scene.

Plot Summary: “Species” When government scientist Xavier Fitch (Ben Kingsley) intercepts a space transmission containing the genetic sequence for an alien life form, he uses it to produce “Sil” (Natasha Henstridge) — a gorgeous alien-human hybrid. As Fitch’s team grows concerned at her rapid rate of growth, Sil wrecks the laboratory and begins a violent quest for a suitable male human to impregnate her. The U.S. government dispatches top assassin Preston Lennox (Michael Madsen) and a team of experts to stop her.

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