The City of Lost Children (1995)


The City of Lost Children Quote: “Yes, I’m allergic to steel.” – Mademoiselle Bismuth

“Get ready because the Shat crew is going international for the first time. Listener Lisa sent in a very persuasive email that convinced us to take on the 1995 French science fantasy film, The City of Lost Children, our inaugural foreign language review.

In this episode, Ashley defends the decision to let her children watch this movie, even if it makes them weird. Gene pines for an alternate life in New Orleans and using his French classes, and Big D talks about the recurring problems with his dreams.

We also break down the music and style choices, the attention to detail from set-pieces to the casting of the child actors, and why this movie should never be remade by an American director.”

Plot Summary: “The City of Lost Children” Old and decrepit Krank (Daniel Emilfork) has lost his capacity for dreaming and is attempting to fight death by stealing the dreams of children. Krank’s cadre of cloned henchmen (Dominique Pinon) snatch 5-year-old Denree (Joseph Lucien) to subject him to the horrific dream-retrieval process. The boy’s father, One (Ron Perlman), the hulking strongman of a traveling circus, and his precocious 9-year-old friend, Miette (Judith Vittet), join forces to defeat Krank’s minions and save Denree.

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  1. Karen says:

    Big D, you need to watch Micmacs! I love it and I think you would too, same director and yes, Dominique Pinon stars as Fracas

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