Unforgiven (1992)


Unforgiven Quote: “You Don’t Have To Worry, Kid. I Ain’t Gonna Kill You. You’re The Only Friend I Got.” – William Munny

Big D and Gene called up the rootinest, tootinest feller they know to help review 1992’s “Unforgiven,” and the King Bee delivered with sage cowboy wisdom about big-booty threesomes, the pony economy and frontier law.

This Academy Award-winning masterpiece led to a stampede of topics including: What constitutes a movie room? Is there honor among killers? Can the right woman save you? Would William Munny survive the final shootout? Is Morgan Freeman too dignified to die on screen? And how do you pause Instagram stories?

The King Bee offers a bounty for fictional movies with epilogues, and Dick Ebert gives style safety tips as The Shat Crew laments the fact Clint Eastwood ever made “The Mule” and “Cry Macho.”

Plot Summary: “Unforgiven” When prostitute Delilah Fitzgerald (Anna Thomson) is disfigured by a pair of cowboys in Big Whiskey, Wyoming, her fellow brothel workers post a reward for their murder, much to the displeasure of sheriff Little Bill Daggett (Gene Hackman), who doesn’t allow vigilantism in his town. Two groups of gunfighters, one led by aging former bandit William Munny (Clint Eastwood), the other by the florid English Bob (Richard Harris), come to collect the reward, clashing with each other and the sheriff.

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