Vice Versa (1988)

Vice Versa Quote: “This is the woman who I couldn’t live with as a husband, and now I’m going to be her son.” – Marshall

Tom Hanks’ “Big” was the ‘80s film that started it all for “Shat The Movies,” a massive hit everyone saw growing up. But a few months before “Big” hit theaters, another child-to-man body transformation movie took a slightly different approach.

“Vice Versa” took an established Judge Reinhold and a brilliant young Fred Savage and shifted the focus to the adult trapped in a child’s body. Along the way, we also got a not-so-iconic music scene, some ‘80s Asian mysticism, very strong arguments for taking PTO, and a glimpse into a Gene Lyons’ day job.

Plot Summary: “Vice Versa” After an airport mishap leaves businessman Marshall Seymour (Judge Reinhold) in possession of a mysterious skull following a trip to the South Pacific, he unwittingly falls victim to its magical powers when he and his son Charlie (Fred Savage) swap bodies. Unable to switch back, each must lead the other’s life while trying to figure out the cause of the sudden change — all the while avoiding a pair of smugglers intent on getting their hands on the apparently valuable skull.
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