Vision Quest (1985)

Vision Quest Quote: “You know all this deep junk and everything. You must think I am some kinda dummy, right?” – Stephanie Zinone

Teenage coming-of-age films saturated the 80’s box office, but only one combined an oversexed virgin, wrestling singlets, and Madonna: #VisionQuest. Long time Shat the Movies listener Nelson commissioned the 1985 film that some have described as “Rocky w/ Nosebleeds.”

AEW Wrestling Superstar, QT Marshall (aka Mike Cuellari), accompanies Rog & Big D to breakdown Louden’s journey. QT explains the insecurity of being in the ring wearing underwear while Rog finds himself strangely attracted to State Champion, Brian Shute. Big D rewrites the ending to lead into a much darker sequel. All three hosts wish they had a father figure like Elmo in their life.

Zip up that sauna suit and let’s go for a run, it’s the latest episode of STM.

Plot Summary: “Vision Quest” High school wrestler Louden Swain (Matthew Modine) feels he must do something significant in his life shortly after turning 18. Despite vehement advice against it from his father (Ronny Cox) and coach (Charles Hallahan), Swain decides to try to lose over 20 pounds in a very short time in an attempt to take on the defending state champion of a lower weight class. Meanwhile, he falls for the edgy, older Carla (Linda Fiorentino), who provides further distraction for the young wrestler.

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