American Gods Episode 1 Review: “A Winter’s Tale”

American Gods Episode 1 Review: “A Winter’s Tale”

After a lengthy off-season, “American Gods” roared back to life with an impressive season premiere. Stronger dialogue, rich scenery, and camera discipline pulled us into the world as Shadow found his way through Wisconsin and Mr. World found a new face.

In this Deep Dive, we explore American Indian mythology, a more human touch to the show, an improved Tech Boy, a more regal Bilquis, Laura’s sacrifice, and why you should never touch another man’s gris gris.

American Gods Episode 1 Summary:
Shadow tries to make a life for himself in Milwaukee, but finds himself drawn to Lakeside after he meets up with Wednesday. Bilquist demonstrates her power to Technical Boy, World puts a new scheme in motion, and Shadow gets a warning about his destiny.

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