American Gods Episode 1 Review: “House on The Rock”

American Gods Episode 1 Review: “House on The Rock”
American Gods Episode 1 Review: “House on The Rock”

American Gods Episode 1 Review: “House on The Rock”

“American Gods” returned with its second season, and we’re pleasantly surprised! “House on The Rock” gave us a more coherent presentation, a more likable Laura Moon, and a spectacular look at its namesake roadside attraction.

Pablo Schreiber, Ian McShane, Orlando Jones, and Emily Browning all are punching about their weight in this season premiere. And they need to, because Ricky Whittle’s Shadow Moon is the weak link in the chain.

As Gene Lyons and the King Bee start to believe in “American Gods” Season 2, listener Ash writes in to share her doubts about this troubled TV series.

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Storyline for “House on The Rock” :
Episode 1: A dozen of the Old Gods reunite at at the House on the Rock at Mr. Wednesday’s request. Shadow is allowed to enter but Laura and Mad Sweeney are denied. Bilquis arrives uninvited, but is allowed in. Salim reunites with the Jinn, who is working for Wednesday. Meanwhile, Mr. World orders Technical Boy to find Media. At the house, the carousel transports them into the otherworld inside Wednesday’s mind, where they debate his war plans. Bilquis says they must embrace the New Gods’ tools to increase their followers, but Shadow delivers a speech to convince them to give Wednesday’s plans a chance. Later, as they are eating and socializing at the Wisconsin Motel America diner, Mr. World orders an attack on them. Zorya is killed by a sniper and Shadow is captured.

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3 Responses

  1. Wendy says:

    The pet sitters have been engaged and the motel booked. We’re staying at a 12-room place that was designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Relevant sources say the place is awesome but the owner is batshit and will post-stalk you if you don’t leave a glowing review. We can hardly wait. On our way home we also plan on seeing the Ringling Brothers Circus museum for some additional what-the-fuckery. While I’m sure there will be some sanitized history about animals and the circus, there are no animals on site or direct connection to current circusstamces. See what I did there? Totally pumped.

  2. Wendy says:

    House on the Rock is a shit show. It’s broken down, and musty and moldy. It’s one of my favorite places on earth. You have to respect when someone takes an idea to the limit. My 18th wedding anniversary is coming up the end of May and I’m taking my husband to House on the Rock to experience it for himself. I’ll submit a remote report.

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