American Gods Episode 3 Review: “Ashes and Demons”

American Gods Episode 3 Review: “Ashes and Demons”

Ash joins the podcast to cover Season 3, Episode 3: “Ashes and Demons.”

In this Deep Dive, Shat on TV explores the history of Demeter, the newest “American Gods” goddess, and how she fits into the overall picture of a very Greek season. The search for Alison McGovern continues, triggering a discussion of racism as we dissect the scene between Shadow Moon and Chad Mulligan. And Ash reveals the deep parallels woven into Laura Moon’s trip through purgatory.

American Gods Episode 3 Summary:
As the search for the missing girl continues, Shadow dreams of Bilquis; Wednesday discovers the whereabouts of his old love, the Greek goddess Demeter, and resolves to free her.

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