American Gods Episode 4 Review: “The Unseen”

American Gods Episode 4 Review: “The Unseen”

An “American Gods” episode that made Gene emotional? Season 3, Episode 4 was the perfect mid-season addition to the series, giving Shadow more power, Laura more motivation, and viewers a powerful history lesson on slavery in America.

In this edition, Ash shares her werewolf theory and explains how Bilquis’ dance with Oshun illustrates themes of motherhood, ancestry, and belonging. And listeners write in to mourn Cloris Leachman and explain Salim’s attachment to the Jinn.

American Gods Episode 4 Summary:
Shadow and Technical Boy team up to search for Bilquis, who finds herself captive and in the midst of a crisis of identity; while visiting the local chapter of notorious biker gang Lords of Valhalla, Wednesday spots a familiar face.

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