American Gods Episode 6 Review: “Donar The Great”

American Gods Episode 6 Review: "Donar The Great"
American Gods Episode 6 Review: "Donar The Great"

American Gods Episode 6 Review: “Donar The Great”

“American Gods” really strutted its stuff with Episode 6 of Season 2, going burlesque for the most entertaining installment of the series to date. Find out what set “Donar The Great” apart and get the history on American Gods’ newest character, Columbia.

The King Bee deep dives into the myriad mythical references made in Episode 6, and Gene highlights the moment American Gods finally made him laugh in a good way.

Plus hear listener mail from Kenny P and Emily Jasper.

Storyline for “Donar The Great” :
Episode 6: Shadow and Wednesday go to a once-popular mall that was built over the dwarves’ American center of power. The dwarves are too weak now to reawaken the runes. They request the most powerful artifact in the mall: Lou Reed’s signed leather jacket, currently in a memorabilia store. Shadow and Wednesday pull a con called the Bishop Game and succeed in swindling the jacket, which they lay on Dvalinn the runemaster’s shoulders. The power flows through the dwarf into the spear, and he crafts the runes on Gungnir. Mr. World senses the runes have been etched and states that things are happening ahead of schedule. Flashbacks tell the story of Wednesday’s son, Donar the Great, Thor’s stage name, who performed in Mr. Nancy and Wednesday’s burlesque shows in the early 1900’s with Columbia. American Nazis are impressed by Donar and want to sponsor him for strong man competitions. Eventually they demand that Donar throw a match against a German opponent, but Donar refuses. Donar and Columbia want to run away to California, but Wednesday schemes to break them up. Donar and Wednesday fight and Donar breaks Odin’s spear with his hammer, Mjo¶lnir. Donar eventually commits the only type of death gods cannot come back from, suicide.

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