American Gods Season 2 Preview

American Gods Season 2 Preview
American Gods Season 2 Preview

American Gods Season 2 Preview

Missed Season 1 of “American Gods”? Curious about Season 2? Just need a refresher? The King Bee and Gene Lyons recap all eight episodes of the first season in short order as the world prepares for Starz’ release of “American Gods” Season 2.

Learn which stars are coming back to the show, which are gone for good, and which new faces you can expect to see. Plus, explore the fascinating chaos that happened behind the scenes in the two years since we last saw Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday.

Get caught up in less than an hour, then tune in Sunday for the Season 2 premiere of “American Gods.”

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  1. George says:

    Hey guys, been waiting on the American Gods talk and decided to come to the website. On of the new links are working. The last ones that are working are the true detectives. Please update the link, I’m getting a bad feeling the show has loss momentum, and we have to start the snowball all over again! Love you guys, keep it up!!

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