American Gods Episode 7 Review: “Treasure of the Sun”

American Gods Episode 7 Review: "Treasure of the Sun"
American Gods Episode 7 Review: "Treasure of the Sun"

American Gods Episode 7 Review: “Treasure of the Sun”

Welp, we finally found a character we really liked, and Season 2 Episode 7 took him away. Will “American Gods” be able to fill the gap left by Sunday’s shocking death? And will Odin ever be able to retrieve Gungnir? The King Bee has the answers.

Gene Lyons maps out the complex storytelling behind Mad Sweeney’s three life tales: There Once Was a Girl, I Was A King, and Battling Balor. Find out how they fit together to fulfill the Mad Sweeney prophecy.

Plus hear a voicemail from Ash of the Dana Buckler Show and a voicemail about Technical Boy’s role in “Donar The Great.”

Storyline for “Treasure of the Sun” :
Episode 7: Sweeney arrives in Cairo, and is greeted by banshees; he knows this means someone in the house will die. The others do not believe him, and think they are only humans there for a funeral. Wednesday repairs Gungnir with a branch from the new Yggdrasil tree and orders Shadow to guard the spear. Sweeney is falling apart physically, going mad again and remembering his origins, but his memories are confused. He recalls living wild and mad, a wife and daughter that he lost, a curse that was put on him by the monks, and a prophecy that he will die by a spear. Ibis tells him “stories are truer than the truth” and implies Sweeney is also the old god Lugh, who slew his one-eyed grandfather, Balor. Sweeney sees himself killing Wednesday, instead, and denies being Lugh. Sweeney reveals to the household that the food everyone has been eating was left by the banshees, who are fairies like himself, and that eating a fairy’s food puts you in their debt. Sweeney says Wednesday is now in his debt. Sweeney attempts to kill Wednesday with Gungnir, but Shadow grabs the spear and Sweeney falls upon it. Sweeney magics Gungnir into the Otherworld hoard where he keeps his coins, so Wednesday can never reach it.

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