American Gods Episode 8 Review: “Moon Shadow”

American Gods Episode 8 Review: “Moon Shadow”
American Gods Episode 8 Review: “Moon Shadow”

American Gods Episode 8 Review: “Moon Shadow”

American Gods’ season two ended with “Moon Shadow,” not what we typically expect from a season finale. There wasn’t much resolution, heart-pounding action, or massive reveals. And we were left with more questions than answers: Is Mad Sweeney really dead? Why did Wednesday flee? How does the World Tree work? Does Salim own a different shirt?

The King Bee dives deep into Orson Welles’ “War of The Worlds” while Gene Lyons examines the new Tech Boy and how his powers might make him a god unlike any we’ve ever seen. Plus, we hand out our award for Best Character, Best Speech, Best Nude Scene, and Best Fight.

Storyline for “Moon Shadow” :
Episode 8: As Wednesday leaves the funeral home all alone, Laura reunites with Shadow. Despite her attempt to apologize for everything, Shadow brushes her off before telling her that Sweeney died, prompting Laura to decide to kill Wednesday. Meanwhile, Xie is able to help Technical Boy to rebirth as Quantum Boy, who uploads massive digital information to Mr. World and New Media. The latter starts manipulating the media to falsely accuse Shadow, Wednesday and Salim of being terrorists, creating general chaos and fear. As the police come to arrest them at the funeral home, Shadow tries to escape but he is absorbed by Yggdrasil. He learns that Wednesday is his father, making him a demi-god; he unwittingly uses his powers to cancel New Media’s manipulations, making the news crews and police disappear. The Jinn leaves with Salim to protect him. Laura walks away with Sweeney’s body over her shoulder. Shadow heads north on a bus, alone; when stopped by police, he pulls out his I.D. and is surprised to find he has a new identity.

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5 Responses

  1. MinOC says:

    sorry guys. I’ve gotta call it quits on this show. It’s always been “out there” which was refreshing in Season 1, but season 2 is a crockpot of crap, and I’ve got to ditch it. I really appreciate the both of you putting time into this, but S2E8 really was crap and the end of the line for me. There’s no coming back to it. I’m done! let’s find something else to review. You both should stop this too. The show sucks now. let’s move on to some of the new HBO content.

    • Kenny P says:

      It really took you until S2 episode 8 to realize it was garbage?

      On that note…. now they can’t stop. We need to absolutely see this through until the very end. Which is likely to be right now. But I pose this question, if you could go back in time and watch the sinking of the Titanic in real time, would you? The answers yes all day long…..

  2. Sébastien Blondel says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks a lot for sticking with the show to the end. I know you got a lot of flack for your opinions, and I feel I should have written to encourage you, especially on this less followed endeavour. Anyway, as we’re at the end of the season, I must thank you for your honest, informed and intelligent opinions. I don’t care if I agree with you or not, but I’m always getting a richer view of the episode after listening to the podcast.

    I discovered this podcast through your Westworld one. After trying a lot of them all around, you’re one of the two I kept listening to, because you were the only one underlining issues without bickering about irrelevant details, while going deep in the themes of the show and raving about its (flawed but remarkable) brilliance without any blindsided fanboyism. Granted, AG is far and away a lesser show than Westworld, and comparing the both of them would be a disservice to AG (maybe because I consider WW to be one of the greatest work of art to grace the earth, snark), but you gave it a real chance and went as deep as you could with the material you were given.

    I ended the season on the same note as you did, asking myself “what did they really wanna tell, and what was the point overall?”, but hey, even when the episodes were a tad boring, the podcast was very entertaining!

    I won’t comment here on your other podcasts, but let it be known I’ll keep listening to you until you’re too annoyed with TV to keep going! Not sure I’m excited about Swamp Thing as a show, but I’ll be there for the podcast (gotta reread a ton of comics in preparation I guess).

    Once again, thanks a lot, keep being smart and cool, and all the best to you!

  3. VoenixRising says:

    Why is the player constantly showing up as broken (HTML code) on so many of these posts?

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