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Hi Guys:

I’m a smidge behind, but wanted to offer my 2 cents on format based on the “Bone Orchard” deep dive. So you know, I am a fan of the book “American Gods” and immensely enjoyed my own discovery process with the story as I figured out which characters were gods and then seeing how their individual iconography played out in their character development.

When I was looking for a podcast to go along with the TV show, I actually listened to the first episode of three different podcasts before deciding to go with yours. The main reason I chose Shat was because you guys offered a mix of hosts who know and love the source material as well as someone coming to the show with no knowledge. I didn’t want to listen to a podcast of “source material virgins” (because I got impatient with them postulating about what things meant, especially when they were postulating incorrectly), and I didn’t want to listen to a podcast of hosts complaining about what was different (nee ‘wrong’) from the book. Both were tedious and, frankly, insulting. You guys are exactly what I was looking for.

What I would love to hear from you week-to-week is first how The Virgin is deciphering/interpreting what’s going on, and then what the others are seeing from their informed perspectives, but only up to that point in the show/book. I want to enjoy vicariously the discovery process, as well as the discussion of the actualization of the story on the screen. No spoilers, but also don’t be precious and “pretend” not to know what’s happening if you know the book. If the two of you that know the book can help interpret or explain things to The Virgin, that would be helpful for me as I try to explain (but not spoil) the show to my family who have not read the book. I know that’s a super-fine line, but based on what I have heard from you guys, I think you’re up for it.

Heather S.
Seattle, WA

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