Angela Was Selfless


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There have been a lot of really good discussions about Angela consuming the Manhattan egg, but I’ve noticed that they’re mostly centered on his actual powers and the responsibility of “being” Dr. Manhattan.

But I don’t think the ending has anything to do with Angela wanting to be a God. Every character that spent their life trying to steal his powers were painted in a negative light, and they were ultimately punished for that selfish greed. Angela spent a decade with John stripped of his powers. She could’ve woken him up at any point to help her, but only did so selflessly, when /he/ was in danger.

She loved John as a normal human being, not Dr. Manhattan. And ultimately in the finale, she didn’t want to lose her husband after traumatically losing her parents and grandmother. The final scene wasn’t about her selfishly getting his powers, it was about keeping a part of the man she loved.

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