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Hey guys Andy here,

I found your Watchmen podcast through a friend and its great. Its fun hearing everyone differing opinions. I am currently going through your back log of episodes on West World to brush up on that show before season 3 start next year.

Back to Watchmen…
I know the episode where we are introduced to the Clarks there were a lot of comparisons to superman and little easter eggs they hid throughout. One that stood out to me the most that I can not seem to remember if anyone brought it up on the show but the identity that Dr Manhattan takes is Cal (Calvin) where in DC comics Calvin Ellis is the name of the Superman of Earth-23 who is African American that was created back during Grant Morrison’s Final crisis. I thought that was another neat little nod to Superman that a casual viewer may not have known.

Thats all i had to say, keep up the good work guys, looking forward to your next episode.


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