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Hi guys,

Just finished listening to the deep dive. Great analysis as always. Ashley, dont you be listening to those idiots regarding your voice, nothing wrong with it at all and I’m glad you don’t feel the need to swear every other word unlike some previous Shat on TV hosts! No names (Kerry).

Ok so I want to address the thoughts on whether Caleb has been through the reorientation process once or twice.

I think once and i think this is the timeline…..

Caleb is a soldier/special forces and has been nudged into this work as he is a “low level” outlier, more on this thought in a bit.

He survives his various tours and ops and returns to the States with his mate.

He is then recruited by Rehoboam via the crime app to do the crimes (murders, kidnap, etc) that Rehoboam or should I say Serac needs doing in order to keep things the way Rehoboam has mapped out for a nice, calm, civilised world for the masses.

Caleb and his mate (sorry totally forgot his name so if you read this out replace ‘his mate’ with said name) take on a new job, to kidnap the pharmaceutical guy who has been earmarked for execution, Caleb is under the impression that this is for kidnap and ransom. They both take the little communion wafer thing to dull their emotions (note – this in no way implies they have been through the reorientation process already, previous episodes have shown up lots of people taking them). Caleb’s mate tells us that they should keep his gagged, the real reason for this becomes apparent when he proceeds to inform Caleb exactly what has happened and what Caleb is really doing as well as the fact that now Caleb knows the truth he will be earmarked for assassination himself.

When Caleb receives the job to kill his mate on his phone he realises Pharma guy was telling the truth and kills his mate, without any real hesitation. He then turns and kills Pharma guy. At this point he jumps from “low level” outlier to “higher level” outlier.

Caleb presumably at some point following this is found by Rehoboam and undergoes the procedure as he still has skills that are useful however and I think this is key, he no longer does personals and the reason for this is pretty obvious, when he sees deaths he has flashbacks. This could risk undoing the reorientation.

So onto how I think the outlier thing works.

Throughout this season we have seen the Rehoboam round eclipse looking thing as a representation of world order and how well its plan is proceeding. We have also seen ‘spikes’ when something unusual it hasn’t predicted happen. However you will notice it isnt ever a perfect white circle. Around the edge is a small corona of black activity, all low level. I think this corona is the outliers. The vast majority of outliers can be dealt with by nudging them towards dead end jobs with no prospect of them becoming in a position to cause any real issues (like nuking a city for example). Some who have the right aptitude are nudged towards the army where Rehoboam can use them to achieve its goals or alternatively they die it which case they also never end up in a position to cause problems. Whenever you see a big spike it is something quite unexpected for Rehoboam. It then moves into action to either kill them outright or repurpose them. Using a solar eclipse as a metaphor, the general background black activity is your standard solar activity on the surface, unpredictable but stable and of no real concern. When Caleb learns the truth and kills his mate this is like a solar flare, bit more serious and needs to be looked at a bit closer. When Dolores released all of the data to the whole world this is like a Coronal Mass Ejection. These can actually cause real problems, it fact they can essentially act as an EMP (coincidence?) to electronic things on earth if earth is in the firing line.

Ok so there are my thoughts, would love a bit of feedback and as always keep up the good work, stay safe, stay indoors and please for the love of god don’t inject yourself with disinfectant!!

Kind regards

Mike (from England)

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