Game of Thrones Episode 6 Instant Take: “The Iron Throne”


Game of Thrones Episode 6 Instant Take: “The Iron Throne”

Game of Thrones’ series finale, “The Iron Throne,” felt like two episodes wrapped in one. Maybe even two TV shows wrapped in one. There was the somber, sobering examination of absolute power corrupting absolutely, and there was the saccharine sweet series of farewells to our favorite characters that prevent a civil war.

But in the end, we got some answers a decade in the making. Who would sit on the throne? Would there be a throne? What would Arya do when the killing was over? Could anyone defeat a queen with Unsullied, Dothraki, and a dragon at her disposal? Where the hell is Yara? And did Robin Arryn die?

Have a quick listen to the Instacast, recorded immediately after the series finale punched in the gut while trying to tickle our funny bones. You’re a weird one, Episode 6.

The Storyline for Episode 6: “The Iron Throne”
Jon and Davos survey the destruction Daenerys wrought on King’s Landing while Tyrion finds Jaime and Cersei’s corpses in the ruins of the Red Keep. Daenerys makes a speech in front of Unsullied and Dothraki, declaring that she will liberate not only Westeros, but the entire world. Tyrion publicly resigns as Daenerys’ Hand in protest to her rule and is arrested. Both Arya and Tyrion warn Jon that Daenerys will have him and Sansa killed and the fate of Westeros is in his hands. Jon confronts Daenerys in the throne room and stabs and kills her when he sees she’s become a tyrant. Sensing Daenerys’ death, Drogon melts the Iron Throne with his breath and carries Daenerys’ body away. The lords of Westeros convene to decide who will be the next ruler, and Tyrion suggests that future kings be picked by the lords of Westeros rather than through lineage. He also nominates Bran to be the next king under this new system, which the rest of the lords unanimously agree to. Bran appoints Tyrion to be his Hand, allows the North to secede from the Seven Kingdoms, and says Jon is to rejoin the Night’s Watch as penance for killing Daenerys. Afterwards, Grey Worm leads the Unsullied and Dothraki back to Naath, Tyrion reorganizes the Small Council to rebuild King’s Landing, Bran goes off to search for Drogon, Arya decides to explore the uncharted seas west of Westeros, Sansa becomes Queen of the North, and Jon heads north of the Wall with the wildlings.

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2 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    Greetings from Ohio,

    I just wanted to say first and foremost, I’m overall impressed with how everything tied together and would still recommend this show to anyone who hasn’t watched it. I think it’s super lame that everyone is being hyper critical of the ending instead of enjoying the show for what it is. It’s okay to be a little disappointed because some characters didn’t get the ideal ending some viewers may have wanted, but that’s no reason to excessively slander the GOT team.

    All that being said, I believe that many people are upset with the writing and that’s plausible, sure. The show could’ve went several different directions, totally understandable. However, I believe a lot of viewers complaining about the show have a serious lack of comprehension. I think if people took a deeper-dive and really studied the scenes, they would see that this ending was foreshadowed from the beginning. I’d like to just explain a few points for some of the listeners.

    First Point:
    This show, Game of Thrones, was always about the Starks. It was never about Dany or the fucking Night King.
    Arya, who is death in it of itself, was destined to end the long night. Who more fitting to end death than the reaper herself, perfect. We already knew that all it takes is some Valyrian steel and you can kill them, combine that with an elite assassin, and there you have it – Night King eliminated.

    Second Point:
    Some things change and some things don’t, thats life for you. Dany reverted back to the ways of her father and like damn near every other true born Targaryen. You don’t have to like it, but it shouldn’t shock people why her character went the way it did. She is essentially trying to bring in a ‘New World Order” via fire and blood, “From Winterfell to Dorne” she states. Dany is going to become a ruthless dictator, that’s clear. She is the Hitler of Westeros. For everyone who was team Dany, sorry, but you should’ve seen this coming a long time ago instead of being so naive.

    Third Point:
    Jon Snow’s character arch is super powerful and I believe this is one of the most important things that is being overlooked. If you remember back in season one, I believe, Jon has a conversation with (Maester) Aemon Targaryen, in which he states, “Love is the death of duty”, and later we hear Jon say that to Tyrion as he is contemplating what he must do with Dany. He goes on to ask Jon what would Ned do when/if the time comes that he has to choose “honor on one hand and those he loves on the other”, and Jon tells him that Ned would do what was right. Jon ultimately having to choose duty over love and choosing what is right as his “father” Ned Stark would’ve done was super powerful and foreshadowed from the beginning. Ironically, albeit for different reasons, Jon, the last known Targaryen is going to take the black just as his uncle Aemon did many years prior. Removing himself from the politics, going on to become king beyond the wall I presume because Jon, just like Aemon, never wanted the Iron Throne to begin with.

    Side Note: Did you notice Lord Arryn? He’s all grown up now, quite handsome. He’s probably sucking on a lot of tits these days. Also, Sansa telling her poor Uncle to sit down was hilarious; Poor House Tully.

    Love the podcast guys!

    7 Blessings.

  2. Mark Hollahan says:

    Hi Love your podcast .
    On the ending I was quite happy overall , but thought if they went with Jon Stabbing Danny , then stepping off ledge with Danny in his arms . Land at Drogons feet , Drogen gets up, all Danny’s army runs over , he then burns the shit out of them ( he’s confussed) Then flash to all the lords and Tyrion sitting around going holy fuck that escalated quickly, what to do now. And could Bran be the night king and he wins ? (well played) Loved listing to you guys and shat the movies is Great.

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