Game of Thrones Season 8: Listener Emails

Game of Thrones Season 8 Listener Emails
Game of Thrones Season 8 Listener Emails

Game of Thrones Season 8: Listener Emails

“Game of Thrones” is over, but listener email keeps pouring in. And that’s the recipe for a Bonus Small Council edition of Shat on TV. The King Bee is back to share his opinion on Season 8 and ask, “What’s the worst thing you ever did to an ex?”

Gene explains how “Game of Thrones” is like a decade-long Bob Ross painting, and listeners continue their fight over whether Bran is a fitting king or just a sneaky creep.

Listener Ken L. shares his theories on where Drogon went with Daenerys’ body, plus what happened to the Dothraki after she died. Meanwhile, listener Reeshee writes in about the demonization of minorities in “Game of Thrones.”

No matter your opinion, we all can agree on one thing expressed beautifully in a voicemail from listener Courtney K: Jon Snow is the worst boyfriend in Westeros.

Catch it all in this Bonus Small Council, and be sure to vote in our Second Annual Thronie Awards by clicking here.

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The Storyline for Episode 6: “The Iron Throne”
Jon and Davos survey the destruction Daenerys wrought on King’s Landing while Tyrion finds Jaime and Cersei’s corpses in the ruins of the Red Keep. Daenerys makes a speech in front of Unsullied and Dothraki, declaring that she will liberate not only Westeros, but the entire world. Tyrion publicly resigns as Daenerys’ Hand in protest to her rule and is arrested. Both Arya and Tyrion warn Jon that Daenerys will have him and Sansa killed and the fate of Westeros is in his hands. Jon confronts Daenerys in the throne room and stabs and kills her when he sees she’s become a tyrant. Sensing Daenerys’ death, Drogon melts the Iron Throne with his breath and carries Daenerys’ body away. The lords of Westeros convene to decide who will be the next ruler, and Tyrion suggests that future kings be picked by the lords of Westeros rather than through lineage. He also nominates Bran to be the next king under this new system, which the rest of the lords unanimously agree to. Bran appoints Tyrion to be his Hand, allows the North to secede from the Seven Kingdoms, and says Jon is to rejoin the Night’s Watch as penance for killing Daenerys. Afterwards, Grey Worm leads the Unsullied and Dothraki back to Naath, Tyrion reorganizes the Small Council to rebuild King’s Landing, Bran goes off to search for Drogon, Arya decides to explore the uncharted seas west of Westeros, Sansa becomes Queen of the North, and Jon heads north of the Wall with the wildlings.

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6 Responses

  1. Noreen Renteria says:

    I don’t know why I have not heard anyone else talk about the fact the Jon would be the Khalasar of the Dothraki since they follow whomever defeats their current leader. With that knowledge, not sure why the Unsullied would have any relevance or say as to his fate?

  2. Jorge Palacios says:

    Here is my rewrite for the alternate bittersweet happy ending (I know it’s not true to form for the show but hey why not) of major plot points that would have been cool to see. Jon doesn’t survive the Night King battle but defeats him. Rhaegal does die as planned but instead of torching Kings Landing she flies to Red Keep torching Lannister soldiers along the way and lands with Drogon to confront Cersei and after some interesting dialogue she Dracarys her. And once Danny claims the throne she sits on it and we flash forward 5 or 10 years. She is out in the garden overlooking the sea and small child approaches her with Sam Tarly. The young boy asks to hear the story of “A game of Thrones/Song of Ice and fire” She smiles and she says something to the effect of “you sure love that story” Sam why don’t you tell it. Sam then begins with “Well it all starts with your father’s parents Rhagar and Lyana…” We hear him start to the tale and his voice fades as the camera pans out and we Danny smiling bitter sweetly, house Targaryean’s begins to play and we see dragons flying in the distance and Drogon whips by for closeup and fade to black.

  3. Tracie Sullivan says:

    You asked for rewrite ideas. Here was what I hoped to see. I wanted Dany to take Tyrion and Davos prisoner, charge them with treason. I pictured them called out for punishment similar to Varys. Dany says, “Dracarys,” and Jon yells, “No.” Upon hearing Jon’s command the Drogon backs down. Dany is further crushed by another betrayal. Orders the Unsullied to attack. In the melee, Jon ends up killing Dany much the way it happened on the show while Drogon lights up a large number of the Unsullied. After the final showdown, Greyworm is Jon’s captive and in “Stark” contrast to how the Lannister soldiers were treated, Jon shows Greyworm mercy, sending him off to Naath with what remains of his men. Jon is chosen to rule the seven kingdoms. He accepts only long enough to grant the North their freedom and appoint Sansa ruler, then ask Bran to lead what remains of the kingdoms as he plans to head North to be with and lead the people of his one true love.

    As I write this, I know this probably leaves a million loose ends, many unfulfilled prophecies, and likely would have half the fans hating me. This is why I will forever be grateful and sympathetic to the showrunners.

    Thanks for being with me on the journey.

    • Kenny P says:

      Exactly. No matter the ending, execution,etc. Part of the fanbase would be mad. It was a difficult task, ending a show in a limited amount of time that had a HUGE STORY. If 20 million people watch the show, and you only managed to piss off 1.2 million, I’d consider that a great success. That’s around a 90 percent rate of approval.

      Far more of the fan base is ok with it, because they realize exactly what you realize Tracie. Everyone wanted to move on, and they didn’t want to give anyone the task of finishing it for them. They gain respect from me just for that. Because they could have just said F the fanbase, they will be mad either way. They controlled the story from beginning to end, and thought enough of the fans to give them AN ending.

      I appreciated the Fan Fict. Thanks for that lol

  4. Kenny P says:

    For the fans who are confused as to why GRRM stopped writing for the show…. GRRM stated its because he fell behind on the books, (*which is goes hand in hand with every public statement he’s ever made that he’s behind*). He never imagined the show surpassing him before he finished writing.

    Another reason is that with the success of the show, several things coincide with success. Such as more public appearances (check), more awards and speeches (check), several new opportunities and obligations (check and check). He’s busy since 2014/2015 developing several new shows that occupy his time.

    I really dislike being condescending, but I can’t help it. Read the man’s public comments, his own blog, etc.. He explains why he needed to leave the show, and for all intents and purposes, he also public backed the ability of the showrunners (* yes the horrible writing duo of D&D). He’s not furious with them, he’s from a background where he understands the TV business.

    It really boils down to this, you see this in TV & FILM regularly, but a director, showrunner, develops a trust and bond with the actors. Actors regularly work with directors they like and do well with. So with that logic in place, can you see a situation where D&D took a pulse of the room, spoke to everyone involved and came to an understanding this was the end? Could you see HBO bringing in new showrunners and numerous actors/ actresses would then leave the show? Agents of said Actors/Actresses hold HBO hostage now that they have the ULTIMATE leverage?

    I get it, it’s much easier to think more simply, and not critically, most things in life aren’t some conspiracy. None of the Actors were disappointed with D&D, and I’m willing to bet 1000 American dollars on it, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE 2 PEOPLE WHO DIRECTLY IMPACTED THEIR CAREERS YOU DUMMY’S.

    I’m sorry, I can’t help it, it’s driving me crazy. I’m with King Bee, this entitlement and short sighted thinking makes me disgusted at being a fan of anything. Avengers, this show, tell me a time in you’re life you’d ever witness something this huge and magnificent on TV or Film. It is new and exciting, and it’ll only get better if you allow it to be that way. But be a shit heel, and it’ll stay miserable and pathetic. Yes the writing wasn’t great, we get it, move on.

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