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Right on time with this re-write, amiright?
Anywho, I was hoping that there would be a major fuck up in the last episode that would put the coffee cups and water bottles to shame and just cause rioting in the streets.

I was thinking something like this would have been a nice cap on this shit season – when the gate closed at the wall and the screen went dark for a second, instead of the camera coming back on Jon Snow heading north, it accidentally cuts to the closing scene from True Detective 3, and we just see Mahershala Ali walking through the jungles of Vietnam. Everyone at home just super confused, sad, then really really angry and going absolute dracarys bonkers. Would have been hilarious!

This podcast was fantastic. Really going to miss it. I’m probably going to watch some of these other shows like the Watchmen just so I can listen to your other podcasts. Also I really enjoyed when you guys gave us some background on where you live and how you podcast each week! I thought you guys lived near each other! How did you two meet? I don’t think that was covered.

Big fan,
Doug from Philly

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