Halores Did Not Find A Way To The Sublime

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Hello everyone.

In regards to episode 5, I thought the episode was as good as episode 4, just because we got to learn that things in Halores’ world are not as great as one would think after she took over the world. However, two things came to my mind in that episode:

a) Halores did not find a way to the sublime, at least not the same sublime as season 2. If I remember correctly, on the final episode of season 2, one of the hosts stated that the sublime was untraceable, which leades me to believe that at best, Halores was able to develop an alternative version of the Sublime, but one that was created in her image, and in where the hosts are not really free and self-aware individuals, but rather, Halores version of what a self-aware host is.

b) Most humans on Earth are actually dead, and there are only one or two places they actually live in: a) New York City, and b) a farm where they humans are raised to then be taken to the park and replace the previous human host. It is also possible that there are more humans, basically performing slave labor for the hosts, but if that is the case, I believe there are at most 5 million humans left on Earth.

Let me know what you think,
Jose Vergara

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